Home Depot Truck Rental Rates

If you have any work that requires bringing thins from one place to another and you cannot borrow a truck, you will need to rent pick-up truck for some time, say a day. You should rent a truck from a company that offers unlimited mileage. Some truck rentals charge a fee based on miles covered by the truck. These types of rentals can be very expensive for you, as you may need to take side trips and detours. In addition, if you wish to transport across a large distance, it will result in a high mile count and high charges.

Rent a truck

You can rent a truck for transportation of large items in a safe manner. Home Depots rental trucks are automatic and air-conditioned. If you want to transport items to any site including home and office, Home Depots trucks are an ideal choice. You should rent the trucks if you wish to protect your personal vehicles from oversized load. Renting a truck is an easy process. The first 75 minutes for which you are charged gives you enough time for going to your home and returning.
The charges apply only when the truck is loaded. For renting a truck, you have to go to Special Services Desk. You can also go to the Tool Rental Center. Then you should show drivers license, insurance card and credit card. After making the purchase, you have to sign the rental agreement. In this manner, you can rent a truck easily. Compare now all Australia rental companies just at one place to rent a truck.

The rates

The home depot truck rental rates are the cheapest. The rate for the initial 75 minutes is $19.95 and $ 5.00 for further 15 minutes period. Ramps accompany the truck. Home Depot allots truck to those who do the booking first. It is available on Saturdays also. The truck is clean and it is easy to drive it. It is easy to use the ramps. To make the unloading slow, there are ridges in the ramps. The hand truck also is easy to use and has straps that help in moving the things you move. In Home Depot trucks, there are eight-foot beds and drop-down sides. There are automatic transmission and tailgate, which makes the loading easy.

Home Truck
Home Truck

Home Depot has a helping attitude towards the customers. It has a pleasant customer care service. Its parking space is lavish. You can park near the door. The parking place has security also. Near the entry, an attendant will be there to help you.

However, Home depots trucks are not suitable for transportation of materials in other states or countries. However, the trucks are an ideal choice if you want to transport things from the market to your residence. The other truck rental companies are Penske Moving trucks and Budget Rentals.

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